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The Show About The Show, After The Show

Bryson Wallace interviews the cast, crew, and fans of The Chris Gethard Show via live streams in the GethHead facebook group during the show's final run. Now that we know the show is officially over, I'm glad to have had these conversations.

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After TCGS #1 | Dum Dum Tees & GethHead GushingHave a question for Kayla and her dog EDDIE? Maybe you're dying to know more about official TCGS Dum-Dum James. Both Skype in to the first episode of After TCGS to discuss all things Gethard Show.
After TCGS #2 | Big Man 6 & Shannon's Couch's New LifeMary from Ohio and Rachel from New York City skype into After TCGS to discuss their winnings from Too Many Piñatas and Big Man 6 conspiracies.
After TCGS #3 | Get More Off Your Chest Before Nibiru Ends Us AllCallers get more things off their chests before Nibiru ends us all. We hope their Gethaways get to them in time.
After TCGS #4 | ▓Ń┼er Me┼r°Þª§§▓Matthew Roth skypes into the show to discuss another great episode of Metropass with Timothy Simons
After TCGS #5 | Being The Good We Want To See In The WorldMatthew Roth and Bryson discuss what is otherwise a crappy week by focusing on the good that Gethheads put out into the world
After TCGS #6 | Why Does Bananaman Like NIN?Keith Haskel stops by to answer Gethheads' burning questions for the man behind the banana
After TCGS #7 | Getting Social with Sarah DavisSocial Producer Sarah Davis describes the atmosphere of a typical TCGS taping and the unique qualities of the Gethheads community
After TCGS #8 | What's In Hot Dog's Mouth?Hot Dog Parrish talks La Croix, the idiosyncrasies in coordinating TCGS tickets, and the origin of his nickname until we force him to put an everyday object in his mouth for the purpose of entertainment.
After TCGS #9 | 30 Minutes of Silence with Chris GethardI flew to New York to record this 30 minute conversation with Chris Gethard and only realized after we wrapped up that my USB microphone had become disconnected from my recording software. Chris even joked that if we had recorded everything without audio he would force me to post it anyway.
After TCGS #10 | Jersey Dave Gets RealJersey Dave provides insight into the chaos that was the midseason finale of The Chris Gethard Show and shares a heartwarming message to the Gethheads at-large.
After TCGS #11 | David Bluvband Sold Jewelry On Australian TelevisionDavid Bluvband joins us to talk his Manhattan oasis, his experience working on the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and that time he sold jewelry on Australian television.
After TCGS #12 | Murf Is A Tremendous WhistlerThe Reservoir Dog, Murf Meyer, talks all things Pittsburg, Gimghoul, and Atlantic City.
After TCGS #13 | Patrick Cotnoir Has Some Projects To PlugHe may wear many hats booking talent for all of your favorite shows, but Patrick Cotnoir is also a PLUG MACHINE.
After TCGS #14 | Hallie Bulleit Talks Television MusicHallie Bulleit defends allegations that she leaves kitchen cabinet doors open and teaches us the new theme song to The Chris Gethard Show on ukulele.
After TCGS #15 | When Connor Ratliff Felt Like A RockstarConnor Ratliff shares the creative process that resulted in The Lone Cornmeal Machine, J.D. Amato's crazy idea for their podcast 12 Hour Day, and the time he felt like a rockstar while performing warmup for the TCGS audience.
After TCGS #16 | Bethany Hall, Comedian In ResidenceBethany Hall shares her experience being the internet liaison for TCGS, the work she's doing as comedian-in-residence for American University, and how many people on the show vape to her knowledge.
After TCGS #17 | Random Things About ErinRandom Erin has a history of random behavior that led from crashing an M&Ms commercial to a Jonas brother. Get to know more about this elusive member of the TCGS family as she takes fan questions.
After TCGS #18 | Backyard Fun Zones with Toddy TonderaBryson got the phones working so he asked Todd from Pittsburg to come on the show and ask GethHeads what items they would buy for their own Backyard Fun Zone™.
After TCGS #19 | Gethmobile Cruise with Jessica JimenezJessica Jimenez describes the weight of responsibility she feels as the new owner of the Gethmobile while taking Bryson around the block for an afternoon cruise.