The Joy of Mario Making


The Joy of Mario Making was featured as part of the Games Culture exhibit at Kunstverein Wolfsburg in Wolfsburg, Germany from August 18 through November 5, 2017. It played on a 24/7 loop in a sterile white room for innocent Germans who didn't realize that we had set out to waste their time. We hope we've put a smile on someone's face over there, but equally hope we've frustrated at least 3 people.

Our Favorite Google Translated Reviews:

"At Dumb Thing on Youtube have realized a dream that we did not even know we had"

"Some creative minds keep the memory of the wise artist Bob Ross alive and give him free rein in creating a level in Super Mario Maker"

- Movie Pilot (Germany)

"...perfectly captured by the mood: soft music, the silent voice of the showwoman, and extreme hairdo are all in place."

- GameStar (Hungary)

" might guess of fat impression, he is a look-alike of Bob Ross"

- a Japanese outlet that has since disappeared